please cover your hair

Dear reader;

I start writing for you with the love of a Friend from human kind. I am putting between your hands my merciful request and giving my tail (story).

First, I will tell you that for whom it is necessary to cover themselves and whom not to do so. That is only for the face, hand and feet nothing more. No one has the right to be naked.

In the past, when Islam first started; all women were uncovering their hands, feet and faces. Islam then gave the order for the women to cover their faces. Then after that, to cover the hands, which was by guiding to stop the sound of jewelries in the ankles –viewing is more than hearing the sound.

However, whom was order to cover herself? Is the free Muslim women, every beautiful non Muslims women, or every beautiful female slave.

That means that non Muslim do not have to cover their hairs, unless they are very beautiful. Moreover, in the time of the first followers of the prophet Mohammad (pbuh) if they find a covered woman that is not a Muslim, they ask her to remove the cover (uncover her face as minimum), and proved that all other religions do not cover her(covering face or/and hair).

So if you aren't a Muslim woman and aren't that beautiful you mustn't cover your face or even cover your hair.

In this days there is danger on each woman, and a lot can see that, if you are an uncovered woman bad boys and men will stop you –my even use force – and harm you be giving you a number to call or bad touches or even kidnap. No one is more blamed than you.

For that the rule of Islam came to help you and us, it gave us the permission to order you to cover your hair at least, and your face if you are beautiful as an Angel. Do not blame us, thank the creator for your beauty, and help us to protect you.

There are many dangerous diseases made by illegal sex, Aids is an example for one of them. Islam came to help and protect all.

So please, please, please cover your hair, cover that beauty.

A Muslim Friend

Abd-Alaziz Ale-Abd-Almohsen

Written in Monday, December 8, 2008

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