With My thanks to: Dr. Hasan Al-Shehry.

Peace on how flowed the prophet Mohammed peace be abound hem.
I have the pleasure to thank one of my tutors how helped me, and pushed me in the TU170. That I had the chance to introduce my self to the internet world web pages. With his help and guidance, I make me first HTML web page ready for internet publishing. In addition, I made my web page to appear in front of the internet pages. His way to challenge his students will let them be the leaders in there path If they fallow them that will let them rise in the sky's levels. I thanks all of the AOU tutors and its workers for there effort in lifting the education's level.
With my pest wishes to my tutors especially Dr. Hasan Al-Shehry and all of my fellow students.

With love

Abd-Alaziz Ale-Abd-Almohsen

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