Killing love.

In the start of this word, where did those tow words come from?, is it true, what does it means? if you ask about the source, I'll tell you that it came from the Arab wisdom's words. If I translate it directly it should be "Some of the love will kill", and to put it in a short frame I took those simple and exacted words.

There are principals were this is true:

Pressure. Some people will say I love that man/woman this way I ask him to do every thing I need, is that love? Moreover, some parents put pressure on their children so they become better than themselves. As a result of that, their children may live without happiness or explode back on them. The same forms are the teacher, friend and family. The best way to deal with this is to tall them to back a little. If they are not going to listen, then you may have one of the two options.
A. force them to back up by telling them in every meting that your are losing your grip in that path, that will let them feeling a shame of their way of forcing you to do it. Keep on that every time you see them.
B. Try to keep going as long as you can go, but put a run away life for your self, it helps you to gain freedom in a part of your life or it shell let you become crazy.

Blindness. There are peoples who don’t see the persons in front of them as an individual person; mostly parents. People like these are resembled in their speaking or their personality. When they want to tell us about themselves, they say, "My father is …" even that they are the ones who are speaking. Moreover, in their personality we can find a copy of their father's footsteps. Even that the time is chanching, they still old in their thinking and observations. They mostly say's "Like father like son". In the past we heard a special word saying "The best is not who says this is my father, but who says this who am I". There is the "Leadership Blindness", it has the same edges of parent's force. The follower's take the leadership's commands and roles with out any negotiation or check up. This will leads them for full abidance which -In most of times- keep them to be in the last role according to others. That the leader will not accept what may lead to lose his powers. To gain your grip back, you will be the one to do so. Start learning and read, and ask why. This shall guide you to take the reasons your self and study them and take your own decisions by your self.

Jealousy & Spite of evil. This big problem is between lots of people. You can see two words but it is really the role of one, I shell tell you what do I mean. Jealousy is the door for spite when they are in the same field, evil. It can come between students, colleges, brothers and family's, it is like fire spreading in every way it can go. A question appears here, what did tie this to love? Yes, the jealous persons will look for who love you and use him to use you, if they could not let you have enough faith or love for them. It is a fire between two, love and evil. You must study what love ones ask from you, they may ask uncorrectable things. That may help them and help you, for them if the ask by mistake you correct it, but you'll know if that lovable one is as you are seeing him or not. This will help you to choose the love ones from enemies.

Fear of lost. Who has that fear? Only ones who's so near to you. Your parents, family and friends there are the most ones. In that term, there are two things which they are going to do. First, to let you do as you wish while they keep watching and speaking rarely about it in simple word, or the shell trays to hold you with there tithes – with out biting – forcing you to fix things even that you may break others. If you fill this, be aware of there explosion it shell hurt you and them. Check the worth of what are you doing, is it worthy? If what you are losing is your parent's, then nothing is worthy. Family then nothing is worthies if there is a gate if the problem is between you and your wife. Friend if he is gold then you’re the loser. Check your calculations you’re the one who's going to gain or loss.

Selfishness. What a big problem to have a selfish near one from your parents, wife, children, friends or colleges. That selfish one thinks that he own you. He'll do, say, or tell as he likes. Moreover, he still wants you to do, say, work and think as he likes. In the same term, that is a pressure on you. Are you accepting to be as a toy? No one does accept it. This type of people you shoud aske them to stop. or you'll forget them. But if that persone is from your family, parent, wife or a child what shell you do? Use sociology to tell him about his selfishness. It'll help him to don't lose you or lose others. Otherwise you'll have to choose one of the two; keep up with him as much as possible or less meeting time with him.

In the last, we ask, what make killing love? Pressure is the main reason to make it, Blindness, Jealousy & Spite of evil, Fear of lost or Selfishness. this is not what let loves kills alone, they say that there is a lot of other things in the world, like when some one see the most loveable one dieing and he dies with him, when one loses his loveable one he may dies to. However, death is not every thing; there are people with illness from the same reasons. However, for all of us we must understand that we are the ones how mustn't kill our loved ones with our mistakes, nether be killed because of there killing love.

With love to you all,

Abd-Alaziz Ale-Abd-Almohsen

Written in Sunday, January 23, 2005

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