Computers make mistakes.

Most people when you tell them that computers have mistakes, they say, "You're crazy". In the same time, they forget many things. The answer that I have for them made from to parts.

* For all believers in gad from Muslims and all other religion followers, they must believe that there is no one else then Allah doesn't have mistakes. All of the creatures do have mistakes; but prophets from humans kind are been protected from the mistakes only in delivering the message of the sent religion. Otherwise, the make mistakes like all others.

In the rules of Islam, we must understand that those Ėcomputers and smart systems- are a creation of a poor creature, he cant help him self in some problems and times, then his creation shell be less powerful than him. Nevertheless, he still tries to tell that it is power fuller than he is.

programmer.jpg(52K) Secondly, the compiling errors, some time you see a message on the screen saying to you. "Warning message", that is indicating a lot of errors, world of mistakes made by the computing system or program. Programmers all around the world, started to see this errors appearing on the surface, how they happened? I still remember my own programs; I made them in the time of my job working for the G.P.P.V.P.V. starting from 1998 and until now. How mach were those mistakes that I saw? How did I found them? How did I fix most of them? How can I be more accurate so they want come next time? What is the reasons of there existence?

I fell that there is some people don't believe those things, like there are some confusing facts, when the only speaker is only me. How abut if I give you pages of errors in these concepts.

Microsoft Windows. and the say to you the way to search for an error. go in and search for the word error in intel. go in and search for the word computer errors in MSN.

this are only a bit, if you want more continue searching the net.

theboss.jpg(76K) All of those web pages are telling us of errors that had occur before today, and there shell by more every day. How can it be, when they say that they checked the programs more then ones, and there is no errors, but here are they occurring with the users all over the world. To a men of specialty in this filed, he shell say usually the program will have errors do to users ways of using it. But, do to studies of today that is not enough. Today, there are some lawsuits asking for a lot of money for the errors that the electronic machinery made that in some times kills or disables the family's guardian's, were they are going now with out a guardian. But they can't have anything for a simple reason, in the attempt of fallowing the program's steps they find that there is no error in the program, "How did that happens?" was the most occurring question. Americans says, "How the hill did that happens?" Hill it is.

suppercomputer.jpg(88K) I shell tall you something to add it to your knowledgeable database, even that you're not a computer, youĖ and ĖI; we all thank our creator for the magnificent gift he gave us. From the time of cyber, computing machinery, that are been made, from the start and until today, there are some casualties of death in the world. Computers do make the mistake in taking the big decisions and that mistake is rear but big. And still that the say computers make mistake one in a thousand in the past, and one in a million in today's high level of tech. one mistake may build another and kill a lot of people, that if we make the decision in its hands. This is way all knowledgeable people refuse to put there life in that machine's hand's, war, medical, education, guidance and water dams control must be in the hand of a human.

NoRuning.gif(8K) So if youíre a programmer and you sees a computing error, if your shore you didnít make a mistake then donít blame your self, the computer may be the one how made it. I saw programs that run on a PC donít run on another for no reason.

In addition, if youíre a user donít always blame the programmers for all the mistakes, the computer computing may be the blamed for it. Only please inform the programmer with that mistake so he cans tries to find it and fix it by a way or another.

I shell end this simple words with a simple conclusion, that there is no one that donít make mistakes but Allah. In addition, really how believes that there is another, then that is a one how donít have true faith in the creator of all of this creatures, Allah. Nether he is not a Moslem in troth. However, remember that we cannot say that he is not a Moslem at all. The same for all other religions, that they have the same faith, they came from the same gad. In addition, as a Moslem, I wish that Moslems be careful on there faith, the human mistake in that subject will let them lose it.

With love to you all,

Abd-Alaziz Ale-Abd-Almohsen

Written in Sunday, January 16, 2005

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