T171 TMA 01.

The evaluating of the named web sites on the requested term's:

BBC News antitrust coverage.
Who are its audience?
The BBC news service is one of the UK's public broadcasting services, and it was made to bring what is most important to the world entrust and especially for its nation. And so as for an important web site, they made all the efforts to make the links so accurate, internal and external links. Even that the power of using the page as a resource is forbidding but by a link, that they forbid printing, even the readers can print using the browser printing button. And as a news service it tries to present facts, but they add there opinion in most of as a way to push the news and readers wheals. It gives the most up-to-date coverage, by following facts and selecting what push there news. It tries to bring the view in a balanced way. They present the facts, and try to put the opinion on the both sides of the most known public faces and presenters and officials. And they are trying to but the fast and linked interface so the surfing personals can navigate the site in a fast and simple way. And as an overall opinion on it, I see that this web site hade been built on the UK's interview in its most angles, even that they add the news for Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and South Asia as an international news. They add services for the viewing public as needed in the daily E-mails, News tickers, and an interface for the mobiles/PDA's users like me, text pages only with no graphic and add support for the site users in the help and search proprieties. In the improved part I only see that they could improve it by adding an account for the spatial viewers, the viewers on the mobiles and PDA's are not detected automatically, so they have to go to the service by themselves. And that would be improved by the auto detectors to guide them for it directly and helping them to save their money and time, and in pushing the viewers to see the news, they may ask them to participate in more activity as mach more possible.

Antitrust coverage from the capitalism magazine.
As an online publication supporting capitalism magazine, it will tell the public in parts of the necessary needs as news, information and articles, but not the same time in some times. The write with mostly their opinion and approving it with evidences and supporting their arguments with serial trails of the recorded in advance, and as a magazine, they may bring information from a previous time. If they proved a link, they make sure that it is working accurately. But the truth is that some links may be expired or lost of their contacting powers. Even that the power of using the page as a resource is not fully forbidding by a link or internal viewing or a simple coping, but they did not grant printing by adding a printing tool in the page, the readers can print using the browser printing button. And in the effort they presented a balanced view in most of there work. The site was built on the rooting tree, to be so easy for the internet surfers to use it. Even that it has the new and old written articles together, but it has been marked with the writing dates. They wrote in the hading of each article a subject, the writer, followed by the writing date and then a simple summary of the article, starting with the newer first and ending with the older as last. But they did not put a link line for the subject's one linking path like the problem of Microsoft with the USA government, the presented it as an article that it is not linked the previous articles on the same subject. As a magazine, they tried to bring the subjects as the readers like mostly and they presented them under the roots of Arts, Culture, Education and Law? Where are the Microsoft article in-, Letters, Living, Markets, Media, Politics, Science, War & Peace and the end the world? Where it may contain of information about what happen in the other parts of the world that is this magazine is on the USA. The magazine layers and interface is simple, clear and direct that the user can serve it but, the direct follow up of the news is not up-to-date in some cases, which they need to follow the evident time by time. They can improve it by adding links from an article to the other like a story follow up.

The ProComp a computer industry pressure group.
This service is like a magazine in a part and a news service network in the other hand following the industry and the industrial organizations. That why their news in most of the cases are about the industry and technologies users. They tries to present evidence supporting their arguments but I in my opinion that they mostly attack Microsoft and the company's of power, that present an unbalanced point of view. They don't bring in most cases up-to-date information's or news, but they follow up with evidence. They don't insert so mach links but, mostly they concern about closed pages. They put the articles or news in a head line and put it with a very short summary of the highest lighted information. They put their articles and news in a very simple list by the date one the edge, so the internet server can choose it faster. In that term they made the interface simple and low in continent to by loaded in the fastest time. In my opinion, I see that right if they did not use PDF files in most of their pages. That the PDF files aren't so fast in loading as known, it put pressure in some systems that don't contain the proper application? Adobe Acrobat Reader? and they didn't add a note for the users how to get it. And in the point of improvement the site they may need to add a rooting tree, an information bar, a HTML pages with the PDF files for any one wants that and a more balance over view as mach as possible.

The tow messages:
Dialogue with abdullah mohammed ab -
Subject:the first site evailuation
On Friday, 8 April 2005, 10:40 PM you wrote:
Deer frend.
I sew in the frist site, the BBC service is a up-to-date news service. Is that what you see in it tow.
your college
Abd-Alaziz Ale-Abd-Almohsen
Dialogue with Majed Assaf Abas Al- -.
Subject:the theerd web sit
On Friday, 8 April 2005, 10:36 PM you wrote:
Deer college.
I see that in the theerd sit, they use PDF files. Didn't we learn in the TU170 that that is a weke point in the web sites.
Your college
Abd-Alaziz Ale-Abd-Almohsen

I see that the use of the massage box is not that simple. In first class, we had a fast reachable toolbox, if the LMS have the same or near those tools bears or simpler. The users Student need to have a manual for the LMS web site, the manual that is in it is presenting to mach simple information, and as you can view, the tools or command or windows have an unfamiliar names. If they would change to known names like "In box", it shells be a knowable to the simple users.

With love to you all,

Abd-Alaziz Ale-Abd-Almohsen

Written in Friday, April 8, 2005

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