T171 TMA 02.

Q1 Answer

Planning a report on the Apple Company and its state of the arte Macintosh.


  1. Apple founders and the most important personals that had a high role in developing Apple and its PC and software production.

  2. Apple's history, behavior, and how did it got in to the PC industry.

the main body.

  1. From where did Apple get if first PC design.

  2. Production of Apple and Apple II by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak how did they do it, and where did they made it, and when was if, and what its affects in what PCs should look.

  3. Apple decides not to follow the IBM fully open standard, Way did they toke this decision.

  4. Apple III was made, put for the height price the sales was low, is it the only rezone.

  5. The introduction of the GUI (Graphical user interface) in Apple for its user's new system, why did they do it and what is the consequences they had, and what did they gain.

  6. The Lisa.

  7. Apple, Macintosh, by Steve Jobs. How was it developed? What marketing power did it have, why?

  8. What is desktop publishing by Aldus Company? And what is it's affect on Macintosh sales?

  9. The main reasons in Apple lost, and what is IBM and compatibles.

  10. Steve return. What is Apple gain in the production of iMac and iBook?

The conclusions.

  1. The competition forced every one to produce good products, and with time IBM and its compatibles are doing well, and as they move each step together, forcing others like Apple to flow, that helped from an edge and forced from the other to improve the industry of PCs.


  1. The Apple company site.

  2. History of the company that changed the computing world forever.

  3. The market information on Apple from www.yahoo.com.

  4. The history of Macintosh (Mac) .

Q2 Answer

IBM 'International Business Machines' one of the biggest company in that time, and considered as one of the leaders in the production of mainframes. And as business mint, they always work to control the market and have the best share of it. They were successful in the mainframe field, and that was not enough for them, they wanted to create some thing more complicated, they want to put the name of IBM for ever in the historical path, and that was by putting standards of microcomputers industry which most companies works with in it and fallow their work steps. IBM toke the diction to produce their first microcomputer naming it PC 'Personal computer' in the earlier of 1980's. At that time it was a big company with many management layers and it take to much time between making a decision and doing it. And to help in speeding the mission they made some employees work undependably in an out department or lab, out side the main management system put working for the company with the company's founds. They made the first PC as an open standard. And to help and have help with a brave step, PC's was produced as it is their own and by using other company's productions so by that other companies will follow that standard. And the legend enters the history gate. They made a deal with a software company called Microsoft to make the PC's operating system. But they did not tike its copy right. And that was MS-DOS. Moreover the only part they kept close was the BIOS and that was to have control on that industry. When any company wants to produce PC they have to follow IBM standards until they need the BIOS so they need IBM's BIOS. IBM employees were professionals and used to work through a lot of rules and procedures. But by time their ware trials to get over that control and by architecture reproduction in the reverse engineering their ware some trials, and it started with Compaq and they ware the first how did it correctly, then the others follow by time. This is why they say that the new management leader blame the ones before. But if that did not happen as it did, then the PC's today would not by so chip for every one to bay. I say to them thank you.
Microsoft considered as a leader in software industry today, which is now almost all software companies follow Microsoft standards in producing their software. They work for money and they are so good in getting it. With the leadership of Bill Gates who is the founder of Microsoft with Paul Allen. Their first chance came with IBM decision to produce their first PC and they needed an operating system for it. That was MS-DOS, it wasn't originally produced by Microsoft, but they own the right to sell it. Microsoft new path was tacking the software from Mainframes to PCs. They sold MS-DOS to IBM to produce the first IBM PC. And that was their first and best chance to have the leadership in software industry, because IBM's PC ware made to set the standard of PC industry and path. And so on MS-DOS was made for it. Microsoft raced to have the leadership in software industry with the partnership with IBM which was then considered as a leader in PC industry. Microsoft and IBM partnership did not last for ever that is for they way each company was using and working by. They broke up after the developing of GUI OS/2 which Microsoft developed. It failed in the market and that was for blaming IBM's PC's, because it needs a powerful PC and other marketing reasons. After that Microsoft produced Windows 3.0, it was successful and had a good market because it was back word compatible and that meant that it can run older applications that were designed for MS-DOS. Then Microsoft as one of the new leading company's started to try to present products, so it can control the market, making the standard as her, she made her programs the pest in most cases Ė put not alloys-, it made office tools 'Word, Excel, Power point' ext..' and entered in other software fields to. Even that they made illegal bags for the best programs of the world, but users are under their knife and cane not do anything. That why most users today look for it products first. In the other hand, their some trills for other operating system's to get over this crises and to fight for life, and may one day get over Microsoft challenge and get the mat from under them. Microsoft employees were at the start and today college graduated students, who did not used to follow instructions and orders to the later. Some say that this may be one of the reasons which made the relationship between tow giants don't last for ever. But mostly I see it, a fight on how gets the shark head.

Name IBM Microsoft
Founders founded in 1924 by Tom Watson Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates, Paul Allen
Productions Hardware company which started in production of mainframes than PC's Software company
Management Many management layers and employees working through lot of instructions and rules in a professional way. Do not work in a formal way even so they work smartly but free. With no many managers layers.
Behavior They are working to control the market and gain's money. They are working to control the market and gain's more money.
Future They lost mostly, but they helped in developing PC's. They tike control even with simple bugs, destiny is their aim, and gaining the most is their challenge.

Q3 Answer

Two advantages in computer conferencing:

  1. One of the most advantages in computer conferencing is that there is nothing can be missed in the computer conferencing. Every message sent containing opinions of the conferences and some of their suggestions or discussions is all saved; it is having a clear subject long or short is it. Or in the other hand the thread following a previous subject on that discussions mater. So as I may not have enough time for face to face meetings, that will help me learning in time, and adding time to my clock. And when I have something to discus with one or more of my colleges I open the discussion with the corresponding subject, and each one answer or ask in the same subject. If conferencing is online then the discussion is life. And if it is not online I may read the answer and continue discussion in later time. Echo one of us will have his or her answer. Following what we need of the active subjects. Were there is search in most conferencing systems to tike me to my needs fast and essay.

  2. The second most advantage I found in computer conferencing is the comments, the freedom in most times. We donít ask for full freedom, human may not be lift in the world free of course he may create distress. In most of the comments of my type and colleges, the write back saying 'thank you for your effort'. And if they find a patter way they donít say that you had made it bad, they say 'I found a patter way and it is as extÖ'. And form time to time I find that the comment helps me to get a patter preview on some subjects. This makes me time. I found once that in the command's of comparing that when using ("") replacing (null) it makes the computer runs faster in doing his check. In comments the writer use short and direct words for the rezone of the comment and what the reader should gain from it. Some time we find the comment is taking us to another diminution we may have over skipped in the discussion by one or more of us.

On the other hand a disadvantage in computer conferencing:

The most disadvantages I sew in my communicating and conferencing ways. Is that the way I write is the way others see me. And that is the same to me, is see them as what dos the write and how it is written. Not all of the people under stand what I say. So in some cases they may ask for more explanation, it doesn't disturb me. But when some one else explain it wrong it brakes my hart. In most conferencing system I use there is no image adding to give picture of what I mean. In some of them the problem is that there is no 24 hours watching personal. That why some time I read bad words in some places with out answers attacking the writers or there subjects for the incompletion of it. This is by time taken occurs in some areas but not all.

With love to you all,

Abd-Alaziz Ale-Abd-Almohsen

Written in Tuesday, May 31, 2005

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