T171 TMA 04 Question 1.

E-Business concept proposal for a sealing sit

In the filed of sales men & women, how have the best tongue is the best in sales. But not today, thing have changed a bit, without advertisements there will not by sales. The internet gave a bigger door for the company's and smart sales men & women. It reaches the consumers faster and easer and more reliable with it's convenient Ė psychologically or really, with the only disadvantage and advantage in the same time that it is not fully viewable. But with it powerful chooses giving for the tow or more party's it is one of the beast. There are will famous web sites built on those ideas like
www.amazon.com, shopping.yahoo.com, lsus.shop.com and www.ebay.com, and the direct company's like the most known www.msn.com for Microsoft Company.

Revenue model.
In the sales sites usually there is a third party, the industrial units, the producing company's or establishments, the press or directed individuals, as a third party or more in to a chain of parties. So for that those web sites donít have the profits for it self. But even so there are the most reliable systems in giving the full parties there profits information, in which the parties continue or live that forum. And in the same time, there will by more parties entering that forum because they can see the information changing as the markets change.
For me I shill but me revenue model of an e-business in a special order. (Note: in the rules of Islam there stile most of the big Muslim scientists say's that the today's e-business that occurs in the sales web sites like we reviewed are illegal ways for Muslim's to do. So pleas, note that this is a TMA and it is not my ways of work.)
(1) In that term we should use the site to advertise for the big parties and how ask for advertisement, in the same time we use that to let us advertises for our sit in other sites that are only gates, dissection forums and education web sites.
(2) Registration way's mast be by a full safe information and protective reliable systems and software, using what the most people knows, or if they donít know it I put a high level description for them to understand, and use the most advanced and fast and reliable way's of payment to secure money transactions for all parties.
(3) Consider a commission or an exacted amount of payment for my sales and transaction with a fast ordering level and system and fast options in sending, by taking in concern the latest and reliability of all sending ways in my area and the other parties (source & destination).
(4) creating accounts for all parties and me, and making it electronically updated, and keeping a copy of it daily with the best operating utility to give my more security levels and to help in getting more payer, seller, investors and viewers on the way.
But make it secure for the users in there needs as will as I.

The product and the market
The products in the e-business are not so different from the usual products in its entire proposal. That it have a more inconvenient way in a part and a convenient way in another. The baying party's dos not check the material directly. So they have to have time after they receive the material or they shill refuse this perches way. In the other hand we have the power to put up materials from all over the globe with no borders to stop the e-business, and in the site there is an auto mechanism after the previews agreements with producing parties in the shipment methods, they receive the consumer requests automatically as son as he make that order, this is the method that most sales web sites are doing. And others always can do. In the other hand there ways to get more consumers for our web sit, that is in gathering deals with more than one sealing party, and giving commissions for how help us in our seals. With that we have most products and a big sealing line.

Richness and Reach
In the start of the e-business web site we mast put interactivity, customization, reliability and mostly the pest security level this is why we employ special programmers in the building line of that web site. In the same time we make reports of our financial directions to watch the web site growth and in terms make shore that it bandwidth hold's it. The web sites grow in time, but the bandwidth worth more than anything else. So we have to watch with care that we donít pay for a bandwidth we donít need and in the same time we mast have more than enough bandwidth so all of the parties cane enter without pressure. And in time the programmers give the site more security and interactivity for the users of it. Will in the same time like tolled if the revenue model adding to adds registering in most search engines starting with the famous ones up to most of them all.

E-business is one of the day ways of the market, but the users still have fear of it, the security levels still donít have full proof that there will be no hacking for any web site in the world. But it is a field starting to be one of the most effective ones today.

www. amazon. com, shopping. yahoo. com, lsus. shop. com, www. ebay. com, www. msn. com, www. buyers-review .com, www. oracle. com, www. computerworld. com, www. e-bc. ca, ebusiness. com.

With love to you all,

Abd-Alaziz Ale-Abd-Almohsen

Written in Saturday, January 7, 2006

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