Dear friend this is a page of advice

From me - your lovable friend- to you

In answer for your question about computers and computer communications, on more than one side from a friend that had been learning since the start of 1989, continues learning. That is the knowledge doesn't finish in a certain spot. I would advice you if you want to learn, be ready.

To gain your needs prepare your self with these points:

Putting a guideline for your educational path.

Buying necessary books, unprinted words on paper some times be changed without your notice.

Remember your going to put time and money so add effort to it.

Don't be shy of any question you have, but try to find the answers your self first "Locking for answers may answer other questions comes later".

Now I'll tell you of my whys in learning. I read so mach books on computers and in my special field -programming and system analyzing- where I started to learn in the start of those days in learning on the "Dos 3.3", Dos programs of word processors and simple compilers. Then I took the programming path with learning "BASIC" and starting to develop in it, until reaching to VB in these days. HTML and the designing of web sits was a world to me. I started reading the HTML sources by special books and learning the use of the more advanced HTML processors. I start to use VB.Net, FrontPage and Macromedia Flash; all those make an auto pages and links. In finding my way between each another I had to use key words, the HTML key words are the same in them all. But the difference between them is the new auto powered functions and ActiveX, for an example I cant use the Animated Gif in the Macromedia Flash as well as the Front Page, even that I found that the full power is in the VB.Net. In HTML, it is a bit difficulty for you to see what you had reached yet. However, as I may need I bounce between those HTML editors for having more flexibility and learning more technique, lifting my self with the level of knowledge every day.

So if your willing to do the same, or even if you chose your way, you'll find the full encouragement from me, and you'll find a lot of sources in the internet, so you must be ready to surf the net locking for your needs form time to another, and helping others in there needs, like paying your debt.

I am waiting for your answer after you make up your mind, and I'll by your first helper.

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