Electronic Commerce

In this days most of the big international corporations and companies and international agents, had started to use the power of the internets small windows (Web sites). They started to use it not for advertising for what they sell, but more, to sell what the want to sell thro it directly, or guide people to how sell it for them in there area presenting hem. In that rezone there many web sites providing support for there products, like what the big whale Microsoft had presented or Intel or some others in the big biz market. With the example, it shells by clearer.

With in the strength it have this days, people call it the big whale. That it have the strongest operating systems, so the Widows is from it, and the made the MSOffice 'with a special web sit for Saudi Arabia', and a lot more in there Download, they give an Online support. They offers the tags for other sites to sell throw them, so they can help the others and helping them self's. As a part of the big world, they offer to whom wants developing tools. So there site is nearly the past in all there services, Update, Help tools, Online sales, Training, Online support and links to the best web sites and partners. In graphics, it's beautiful but with one exception, it is heavy, so in poor internet conations it's to slow.

In this world of digital communication, caller phones have to change in to Smart Phones and Pocket PCs, so I give you the web site of I-Mate. In the web site, you can find high level of graphics so it is slow. Nevertheless, the information in there web site is high, they presents information on all the models, Accessories, support, Online support, Download and a web site help with sales.

Banks, had there gain of the most advanced and secured systems so they can inter the internet service. In those efforts, I'll show you to of the Saudi banks.

One of the largest banks in Saudi Arabia and they have a powerful site, that is to speed up banking in the business and personal conduct. In there web site they introduced simple money news, Product & Services, Online Banking. And used the most secure levels they can. In there web site they used simple graphics so it can load fast for the low internet connections in Saudi Arabia.

As so as Rajhi as Riyad Bank with the same offers news, product & services and Online Banking. Bills paying, government services payments and online investments. And with the same security and graphical level for the same rezones as all as banks.

Amazon.com A web site with the concern of sales, so it have a simple interface giving help when needed, and having the ability of fast search in there DB. Moreover, it have likes for the people, company's, corporations and groups there selling products for. All so, it has an employment line, and gives you the right to sell your stuff. In addition, that it's a selling web site it give you the safety paying way using visa credit cards, after you make an account identifying your self to them. In the same time there web site is light on low level downloading internet conations, there using a simple gathering and graphical way in helping users in there web site to chose there needs.

In this world of advanced communication, the companies, corporations, groups or an industrial units all need to provide the user of there equipments or parts help and maintenance Online from time to time, so I give you to of whom I see.

Intel One of the most known industrial units of the world, and the first whale, they present them self in there web site. They put every thing necessarily for there consumers. If you see the valley of Intel, you will understand. The included in there web site an essay way to get any information on there products, Manuals, Support, Updates, Training and solving certain coming problems. In addition, they give the software developers information's and notes on new technologies coming soon. All so, they entered an employment line. In the same time there web site is light on internet downloading low-level conations, there using a simple graphical interface. But, they donít sell only directs the consumers to a selling party.

Creative In its web site, I find that they have made a powerful web site giving information on there products, giving information about them self's, giving support for there products and selling there products. There web site have the privileges of simply and highly level of graphical design, so they have developing tools, service, Update, Help tools, Online sales, Online support. And in that same time there web site is not so heavy in the low level of downloading, there using a simple gathering way in helping the users of there web site move in it.

In the view of what we sew, we can say that the electronic commerce has past a long way in its new destiny, but it shell need more, that way there this days a lot of net meeting programs. That is not only so they started to give and offer but more then that. They are like MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Raindance internet video conference. This are throw the providers service. And they created programs like net meeting that uses the IP address to contact the other persons directly throw the internet with out a provider server.

The time stile for things to come, as long there is now companies, groups, corporations and people getting profits and lowing the coasts, there shell be more and an advancer path for them to come, and for the Electronic Commerce to take.

Note: Pleas note that all the registered trading marks of others (Microsoft®, i-mate®, Rajhi Banking & Investment corp.®, riyad bank®) are protected pay the low, please do not use them with out there permission directly. I donít give permissions be on my half.

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