T171 TMA 04 Question 3.

Richness and Reach

The previous
In the start of the e-business web site we mast put interactivity, customization, reliability and mostly the pest security level this is why we employ special programmers in the building line of that web site. In the same time we make reports of our financial directions to watch the web site growth and in terms make shore that it bandwidth hold's it. The web sites grow in time, but the bandwidth worth more than anything else. So we have to watch with care that we donít pay for a bandwidth we donít need and in the same time we mast have more than enough bandwidth so all of the parties cane enter without pressure. And in time the programmers give the site more security and interactivity for the users of it. Will in the same time like tolled if the revenue model adding to adds registering in most search engines starting with the famous ones up to most of them all.

Improved "Richness and Reach" after reading form
www. amazon. com, shopping. yahoo. com, www. computerworld. com, www. e-bc. ca, ebusiness. com.
In the start of any web site, we mast tike in the hand costs, continues, affordability and the power of the web site host. Now days there are a lot of hosting company's. And we mast chose the best and affordable one for us. That the users donít like to come back liter for any web site an less they have to, and in the internet a big market, they will not have to wait for us. The bandwidth grows with time and maximizing our moves, yes we grow with it as long it is baying not watching. It is importunate of having a supportive host is for us to change the bandwidth as son we have to and as son we need to.
Most of the users this days like an interactive interface, and yes this are the new methods of controlling and giving the users of all levels all there needs. Customizations let the user change the lay out of his or her view, and in the same time give the web sit more life and loveable level, the users interface today changes from a user to another.
All of this importunate power mast by on a reliable host and web lay out, and mast by affordable for us. For that we mast ask alloys for the most reliable hostess, in a stable hosting we maintain our bandwidth and or reliability for our consumers. And in the path we can look for security levels. We mast hire programmers form the web field to achieve that goal. In the same time look alloys for more advanced methods every day. Security systems and games are daily increasing and I mast inshore my customers that there is the most highest security level in my web site, in the same time I mast give them a simple and effective interfaces to use along that way, no one want to enter the web and be tangled by a spider.
The web site not known is a dead web site, that is why we register our web site in all and most searching engines and make advertisement sporting and commission for supporters and sealers, putting a long hand for others to reach. And with a simple bad game we search for our web site as mach as possible so the search engines record it as an active site and present it for the other searchers faster.

With love to you all,

Abd-Alaziz Ale-Abd-Almohsen

Written in Saturday, January 7, 2006

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