T171 TMA 04 Question 4.

E-Business concept proposal

  1. The middleman in e-business and out is his aspects in advantages and disadvantages of his field.
  2. What is his job: He is considered to be the joining joint between the purchasers and sealers, and in return him tike commission from one or both parties.
  3. What is e-business jump: In reality e-business work as an electronically middleman, but faster and no lays on the way but from sealers. Usually some of the middleman lies in duplicity on the customers and sealers to do his job, lays are not acceptable. Now the only liars are the main sealers if they lie. But in the same time the e-business have the power to give a third and a forth and ext. of parties and that can help.
  4. Reintermediation is important to us as will others; it is the same as middleman but in electronically ways like www.google.com, www.msn.com and www.yahoo.com, and there is now days more middleman than before even that they are electronically ones. The best programs and the best site and search and comparing engines like in www.amazon.com there is a comparing in prices for the buyers to choose from.
  5. The summary of my points.
    1. E-business is more than one concept proposal.
    2. The web site is built on the market size in virtual realty not in realty.
    3. No one can work alone, but every one can work as a bloke.
    4. Middleman did not fully lose there place; there are more than we can think.
    5. There is new electronically middleman called Reintermediation.
    6. The web sites worth is built on there bandwidth, simplest, security, interactivity and ability of quantity's and founding in searchers.

With love to you all,

Abd-Alaziz Ale-Abd-Almohsen

Written in Saturday, January 7, 2006

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